Santa Fe, New Mexico

Order: April 30

Call re: available for delivery: May 19 - think all is good.

Then told: first available delivery date: June 24.

So my summer outdoor chairs are sitting in a delivery company's warehouse for 5 weeks - almost a third of summer! Delivery company says call West Elm; West Elm says they can't do anything because at the delivery company. I say - West Elm gets no more business from me! (or any other Williams Sonoma owned company for that matter.) No one at West Elm made any effort to resolve. Of course, they also don't allow comments on their website to allow you to give a heads up to other potential purchasers.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

West Elm Cons: Lack of ownership of issue.

  • Furniture Delivery
  • delivery delay
  • Unresolved Issue
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