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I ordered my sofas on 16th February – 2 Tillary sofa bases, 3 corner cushions and 1 single back support; all in faux suede, charcoal herringbone, and all plain, i.e. not tufted.

I was told I would receive my first order in March. Having not heard anything, I phoned Customer Services, and was informed that part of my order had been sent to someone in America as theirs was incorrect. As you can imagine, I was highly unimpressed that another customer had been given priority treatment over myself, and as West Elm is an American company I could only help think that they were prioritising American customers over British. I was assured my items were on backorder and I would receive them soon.

My first order, which I received on 17th April included the correct bases and single back support, but all 3 corner cushions were tufted. I rejected this part of the order, phoned Customer Services and was told a refund would be processed for those 3 items. I then had to make another call to re-order the cushions as for some reason it wasn’t possible to make an exchange order as part of the original phone call. I was given 20% off my new order for the corner cushions in light of the mistake and resultant delays.

West Elm forgot to issue the refund and it was only when I chased them in May that this was finally processed.

I received a second delivery of the 3 corner cushions on 17th May, again they were all tufted and not plain. I, again, rejected the order and requested a refund. I was liaising with Tia in Customer Services, who processed an exchange order for me. She assured me that before my next order, she would ensure the warehouse went through their stock to make sure I was being sent the correct items. When I spoke to her shortly before the next delivery, she said the items had been checked three times, and she could confirm I was being sent the right thing this time.

On 14th June I received my third delivery; again the 3 corner cushions were all tufted. I, again, rejected the order and requested a refund. I spoke to Vince in Customer Services and he discovered that the order codes for the tufted and plain corner cushions were the same. He, therefore, arranged for a full inventory of the warehouse to take place, to ensure that there were plain corner cushions there that could be sent to me. When I was talking to him, he said that there had been another Tillary delivery in the UK in April for plain sectionals and that had been correctly delivered, so I couldn’t understand why on 3 occasions, mine had been wrong.

I received a call from Vince to inform me that they had found 3 plain corner cushions and my fourth delivery was booked for 8th July. I didn’t receive a call from Wincanton two days before in order to book a timeslot, so I called them and they said they had no record of my delivery. I then called West Elm and was told that the warehouse inventory was still going on so no Tillary deliveries were going out. I couldn’t believe no one had had the decency to call me and let me know, and also that the inventory was still going on, how long does it take?!

I received a further call from Vince after 8th July in which he informed me that the warehouse had found 1 plain corner cushion, which they could send me immediately. There was no news on the remaining 2 cushions, but I agreed to take delivery of 1 so at least I’d have 2 sofa backs. The fourth/fifth delivery (depending on if you include the one that didn’t happen or not) took place on 9th August. This time I received delivery of 2 tufted single back supports…still tufted, but not even corner cushions this time, and 2 not 1 – completely wrong on all counts!

Again, I rejected the delivery and phoned West Elm. I spoke to Adrienne (I think) who assured me she would call me back this morning with an update, but I have heard nothing.

I have been waiting since February for my corner sofa cushions. I find it disgusting that when I first ordered them, I was told I would receive everything in a month. Furthermore, I am the one doing all the chasing. I bought my first flat in February and it is so embarrassing having people round, and having to explain why I only have 1 sofa back and the fact that this saga is still going on. In addition, I do not think the 20% off I received back in April is an adequate amount of compensation, given the lengthy delays I have suffered.

I phoned the London store yesterday and was told I would get a call back at lunchtime today, it's now 3.20pm, still nothing...not surprised at all! And they still haven't given me my refund which they processed on Saturday, it's now Wednesday...

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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