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So, this timeline is not even ALL of the bad details that I have put up with, just the major one. I dont write reviews, good or bad, really every but this I just felt like people should not have to deal with what I have had to deal with....

October- opened a west elm card JUST for this furniture and the 0% financing. I ordered $1400 worth of furniture over the phone for a January delivery date. Very exciting!

Nov- order was placed to my billing not shipping address, order cancelled, replacement order created

Nov - Jan - spoke to customer service at LEAST 4 times confirming details

Jan- 1 day before delivery. notified i would not be receiving the main piece of furniture because they oversold it. Opps!! Told we would have it in march. We get a giftcard- yay, so I have to purchase more of their furniture :(

March - no furniture! I moved across the country and am still waiting for the other half of my bedroom furniture. Delivery date moved to may. They are "so sorry". They acknowledge it is their fault. Great!

March- ordered a nightstand. Was told everything was ok and it would be shipped. It never shipped and i was never notified. Called West elm. Another apology of course! Finally I get it 3 weeks later. I order the other nightstand to complete the set. Same deal all over again. My card gets charged, refunded, charged. No word on the nightstand!!!

May- where is my 6 drawer nailhead dresser as promised??? I am the ONLY person on the West Coast that has ordered this piece? I seriously doubt it! At this point between all the mess ups I have spoken to west elm for at leaset 4 hours total. Every time it is a different person and everytime nothing get accomplished. They are all very "sorry". The date comes and goes when the dresser is supposed to arrive in the warehouse. No call. I call 3 times with no sure answer from the customer service about whether the furniture is actually in the warehouse. FINALLY get in touch with someone and demand they transfer me to the warehouse and find out if the dresser is in stock. It is. Talk to the warehouse. They tell ME my address. Delivery date the next week. We recveived a VM confirming appt and time slot. My fiance stays home from work. NO delivery!! he calls. They say they have no idea what he is talking about bc they dont have that dresser on the west Coast!!! I could not believe it. Constant mess up after mess up after mess up. How is this even possible?? I tell people this story and they honestly can not believe it.

We called and told them we want to return everything we have. They said they have to get approval for the returns. Days go by..... no phone call. I finally call back and demand a supervisor, which of course I dont get. The lady promises to talk to one and call me back that day. 4 days later no call ! I call back and demand a supervisor again. Nope! I speak to another customer service rep.... The lady finally gets the returns approved. Doesnt tell me that it is going to take 8-10 days to even hear from the delivery company. So basically, I will get my money back in like a month. Still with an incomplete bedset. I work in real estate (NYC & LA) and when my clients ask where to get furniture I say NOT west elm. I have never had this experience with any company. Thank you West elm for making me strongly disliked you and ruining my excitement of having a brand new (expensive) bedset in the home I am creating with my fiance.

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Nightstand.

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