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I ordered furniture at the beginning of September. West Elm makes no claim of when delivery will be received - I called/sent e-mail requests to get an ETA and cannot get any information from them as to when it might be received.

I've had "managers" hang up on me or send me to a queue that just provides several offers (for a discount on car insurance, press 1!) - I think they know their customer service is a joke.

When it comes down to it, you are paying over $100 for shipping, and their shipping process is a complete mess. They deliver to a warehouse, who then might or might not call to schedule delivery. Expect at least a one month delivery time, and that will only be if you are proactive and call constantly.

I ended up canceling my order after receiving a runaround. They told me that the shipment was "on-time," but also could not tell me when it would be delivered (hence, how can it be on time if there is no expectation to compare it against?).

It took several calls and trying several departments - and still being transferred around - to get the order cancelled. I am still waiting on the refund.

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