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I purchased a media console online on 18 September and during the check out the delivery was advertised for 2-5 days. I called customer service around 10 days after the purchase to buy quite about the delivery and to my surprise there was none scheduled.

I as told that an email was sent to me to schedule the delivery but I did not received anything or it went straight to my junk mail since I was not tracking any email to schedule the delivery. Another week passed until I was able to scheduled, and the day before of the delivery I received s phone call to notify me the the item was damaged and I will not receive for another month of so. I called customer service today to clarify the situation, and after I explained my problem to the customer service representative I was placed on hold in which I was for well over 80 minutes without any answer. I decided then to drive to the store to get help and they did what they could but not help me either.

I was in the store for about 30 minutes already when someone finally answered in customer service. Yes, I was on hold the entire time. To my desapointment the media console I purchased now is going to be delivered sometime in November which is totally unacceptable. This is definitely an example of poor customer service!

I had no option than cancel the order since I don’t want to wait for an item that I paid for so long and for what is worse to possibly experience something similar then. I will love to provide West Elm my information so they can track the actions of their terrible customer service.

What a shame! In another note, the managers and associates in the store were super nice and attentive!

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