Boston, Massachusetts

After receiving numerous and incessant emails regarding promotions, I learned that an item I'd be viewing in store was finally marked down. I ordered 4 items as Christmas Presents November and was my credit card was immediately charged for all of the items. I received a single sham and was told by Customer Service that the rest would be shipped on December 13th. I received no feedback or update emails from West Elm throughout the 11 weeks since placing my order. I made 18 calls to Customer Service and received varying answers and dates, until DAYS prior to Christmas, I was finally informed that were "Out of Stock" and that the order may not be fulfilled. I was not refunded my money or even offered an alternative item, free shipping or any of the other things that a NORMAL and FUNCTIONING business would offer in the name of customer retention and satisfaction.

I have since launch several complaint which resulted in my being put on hold for up to half an hour at a time, only to have the call dropped! To add insult to injury, I have not received a single return phone call or plausible explanation for this horrendous customer service or for not receiving items which were intended as Christmas presents.

Because I recognize that it's super busy during this time of year, I would often call in the early morning hours (since their CS is available 24 hours) only to be met by representatives who appear to be half asleep, uneducated, inarticulate, not knowedgeable in terms of knowing how to navigate WE's computer system to ascertain accurate information. On of the reasons is that I learned (from a relative who works CS) is that 1) their CS is outsourced to a CS company which handles several other companies, including Williams Sonoma. 2) These people are NOT at a call center, but are in their own homes - asleep, taking a shower, eating, etc. They are order to use cork boards with information pinned up regarding each company. Although they don't outsource to other countries, there are NO requirements to obtain a CS job with this company. They also solicit directly to unemployed ppl, teens and retirees in economically distressed communities so that the people who are answering the phone have zero context as what expectations should be in ordering nor do they have any insight into the products (could probably not even consider being able to afford the items) and can't even pronounce the names of the items they're selling.

Clearly, their products are produced overseas by questionable sources. Judging by their obvious greed (overpriced low-quality products) and questionable bait and switch tactics, I wouldn't be surprised if they used not reputable sources abroad to product their products. Bottom line, I will NEVER shop there again.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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