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Update by user Nov 14, 2013

They've been really good about replacing things. And the sofa arrived earlier than their latest estimate, within the original time window they provided.

I still don't understand why delivery takes so long, but West Elm is hardly alone there.

All-in-all, now that I'm past the frustration of the moment, I'm pretty happy with what I have, and what I paid for it.

Original review posted by user Oct 14, 2013

I ordered this:


... and it arrived assembled improperly, which resulted in damage.

I ordered this:


... and it arrived with a cm of veneer crushed.

So far, they've been cooperative in scheduling replacements. But COME ON, how 'bout some quality control?? And the replacements will take weeks to get here (they are slo-ow about everything). So, several more weeks of an un-useable living room and dining room.

I ordered this:


... and was then told about the 8-10 week delivery window. And, it's now being estimated at 11 weeks. THREE MONTHS waiting on a mass-market sofa?

Give me a break, West Elm.

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Crosby sectional sofa - I have had this sofa for about 9 months. I upgraded the fabric one level up.

The sofa was priced at $2,499. 25% off sale and free shipping. Total cost was around $1,750. I really regret buying this sofa.

It is wearing really bad. The cushions are all misshaped from very mild wear (I live alone). Everything about it screams cheap. The arms are round, as opposed to squared and fitted.

The seating cushions are such poor quality that they have sunk and formed pot-hole like formations.

The cushion always look wrinkled and misshaped. I would not buy this sofa.

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