My husband and I ordered the six-piece Mid-Century Media Set. The four smaller pieces (two narrow bases and topper shelves) arrived via UPS and were fine. But the two middle pieces came via in home delivery. The base arrived damaged with several large dings on the front. The top unit also had several dings and paint drips running down the side. But worse, the top unit was painted a different color. Five pieces in high gloss white, one in dingy ivory. Just enough off color to look terrible.

After being transferred between about five different customer service reps on the phone, each of whom offered that they could take back the defective pieces, but didn't have any others in stock to replace them with (the idea being that we would make do with part of a set), we finally snapped some photos and drove an hour to the store.

The manager was very sympathetic and emerged from his office 30 minutes later to tell us that we would be getting a new hutch and would be contacted in a week to arrange delivery. Sure enough, we were contacted... To accept delivery of a padded envelope full of hardware. Oops.

We called the store manager back. He was apologetic and said he THOUGHT he had ordered us a replacement hutch. But there was nothing else he could do.

So, back to the phone. The customer service rep who took all our information promised to call back, but never did. She seemed confused that we were expecting West Elm to do anything.

Still no resolution. This has already cost us lost work, and of course West a Elm has already billed our credit card. That will probably be our next step: filing a formal complaint with our credit card company. Better Business Bureau after that, and next our state Attorney General. This is so discouraging: $2,000 for careless workmanship, clumsy delivery, and non-existent customer service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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