Cincinnati, Ohio

After driving 4 hours to choose 2 furniture items from a store and order, 2 months later....none have been successfully delivered.

I have had to track down items. One is custom made and a 3 month wait is pending my cancellation. The other...a different story.

It was supposed to be delivered upon arrival at the shipping hub in Columbus OH. I had two track it down and push them to even set up delivery. They missed their date and we changed a vacation to be availalbe to recieve. The entertainment center was in pieces and banging around in the back of a truck. They were in a hurry to get to next appt. The furniture was miss assembled, the top was put on backwareds. I had to convince them it was wrong showing them the installation instructions. In reassembling, they broke off the dowels required to secure the joints and was going to let it fly until i noticed it and told them it was ruined. At that point, they said they didnt have time to deal with it and needed to get to their next appt. They took it back.

After waiting 2 weeks for a reorder, the new center was delivered...but this time...they delivered a desk....wasnt even the entertainment center I ordered.

I called the help desk and requested a supervisor contact me to resolve the issue. I have been waiting 2 days to get the call.

I don't know how West Elm remains in business. I will most likely be cancelling a order for a couch. They have my money. They have not delivered my items. Nor are they providing any remedy.

Help me understand how these companies can take up their customers time, take the money, and fail to provide the goods purchased?

They did remit the delivery charge for the Bless them. Of course they should. However I still do not have the merchandise I paid them for.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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