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I have made an order or two in the past that didn't have any meaningful issues, but this one was absolutely awful across the board.

I placed this order in the very beginning of January 2016. The estimated delivery date was the following March, no surprises there. But here's a list of issues as the order proceeded.

1) About a month into the order, I received a phone call from West Elm warning me that the email I was about to receive was going to be "incorrect." She informed me that my product was actually done and ready to be shipped (great!), but the delivery date on the email I was going to get was going to be way off from what it really was. I got an email about 30 min later which was what looked like a duplicate of my original invoice that stated my delivery date was now out in June. I disregarded that as I was told.

2) A few weeks later, having heard nothing at all about my order, I decided to inquire as to what the ACTUAL delivery date was since they didn't actually tell me that. I used West Elm's email customer service and the response made it obvious that they did not read my inquiry at all. Whoever answered the email just looked at my current order and recited back to me the incorrect estimated delivery date in June. Lovely.

3) I called customer service after receiving that incorrect response and I was told that my product actually shipped (oh, cool), and that I would hear from the delivery department when it showed up at the distribution center to schedule when they would deliver it to my home.

4) Another week went by and I heard nothing until I was suddenly charged for the sofa. I called to double-check why I was being charged now. Turns out it only shipped then and they told me again that they would contact me to schedule delivery when it showed up at their warehouse.

5) More time went by until a week into March, I called them to figure out what was taking so long. Turns out, my sofa had been sitting in their distribution warehouse two weeks and no one had called me to schedule delivery. No one had once reached out to me since they sent me the "wrong" delivery date invoice. They apologized and I scheduled delivery to happen the following Monday and they said I would be contacted before then to give me my delivery window for that day.

6) They never contacted me to give me my delivery window (which was a 2 hour window I was unaware of), so the 30 minutes that Monday morning I wasn't available, that was when they decided to show up (at the last 15 minutes of said window), call a few times, waited 15 minutes, and then drive away. I managed to get the messages literally 2-3 minutes after the truck drove away and I tried to get the delivery department to contact the driver/dispatch to get them to come back and that they needed to correct this because they were the ones that dropped the ball on not giving me my delivery window. They were unhelpful in hanging up on me, telling me they would call me back and never doing so, and just overall reciting responses about rescheduling delivery which was not an option for me.

7) I waited an hour for them to get the truck to come back and got someone else there who talked to the dispatched and came back to tell me that it was UP TO THE TRUCK DRIVER whether or not he had time to come back and redeliver the sofa. That's totally unacceptable when I take time off to try to be here for the delivery that they kept a secret from me until I missed it. They informed me that the truck was actually still in my relatively small city and they would "try" to get them to redeliver that day.

8) Another hour and a half goes by with zero contact that they promised me and in the process of asking to speak to a manager/supervisor, I was incorrectly pushed off to West Elm's customer service line. The customer service rep was relatively helpful and the only person so far that was even remotely apologetic about how they blew it. They made an incident report and promised compensation. My only option was to get sent back over to the delivery department to get them to look at the incident report and pressure them myself to get this thing delivered. They were again incredibly unhelpful and only sent me back to customer service when I asked to speak with a supervisor.

9) Finally, fed up, I called the delivery department one more time and was eventually informed that they had no supervisor or manager on duty and that I could leave a message for them at most. Incredible. I was again sent back to customer service where someone pulled up the incident report I had just made and called the delivery department themselves to reschedule the delivery a week later.

This kind of separation and lack of management in the delivery department is absolutely unacceptable, especially how I'm incorrectly sent to entirely separate departments when I ask to speak with their supervision. I work freelance, no sick days, no vacation days, so a day off work is tangible loss of money. I could still hear the truck driving away when I immediately called the delivery department and they still couldn't be competent enough to fix the problem THAT THEY CAUSED. If I get this sofa and there's no immediate/obvious problems with it and I get properly compensated for this nonsense, it will likely be the last time I ever purchase anything from West Elm.

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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