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I loved the Moroccan headboard and it was on sale, so I ordered it and the Simple Bed Frame together. I ordered it late July, hoping that I'll only have to spend a few nights sleeping on a mattress on a floor in my new apartment (I moved in August 9th). The bed was set to be delivered Aug 8 - Aug 22, and I was counting on it arriving closer to the end of the time frame, but naturally hoping for earlier.

Well, today is September 10 and I am finally the proud owner of a bed. In order to get to sleep in a bed (a month and a half after ordering it!), I called West Elm on Aug 23, when the online order status was changed to "In Process" with no date. They basically told me they had no information. I gave them another week (mostly because I was in the middle of my school's orientation and didn't have time to wait to talk to a human on West Elm's endlessly busy lines), and called again. I was offered a 20% discount, and assured that in a few business day the order status online would reflect a change.

It did not.

So I called again. Again, I was told no one knew anything. They offered several times to ship the headboard without the bed frame (since it appeared there was a piece of the SIMPLE BED FRAME, their most popular bed model, that was missing and could not possibly be located), and finally transferred me to the warehouse. I was then informed that, whoops, somebody forgot to update the order status and they DID in fact have all the necessary parts for the bed, and I will be contacted by their shipping company to schedule a time for the White Glove delivery. I scheduled it for the next Saturday, since by now I had begun taking classes and working, and didn't have time to sit and wait for a delivery that was scheduled to happen before my school started weeks ago.

Saturday arrives. I'm putting off my Labor Day trip to wait for the bed (which is supposed to arrive 11 am - 1 pm). At 11, I get a call that the drivers are running late and that I should expect them around 2:30 pm. I'm desperate to just finally have a place to sleep (the only reason I didn't just give up and cancel this hellish order), so I say I'll wait and push my trip back further. At 1:30, I finally get a call that their delivery truck broke down and that I was rescheduled for Tuesday. After explaining that I cannot wait for the shipment on a Tuesday, it finally got rescheduled for this Saturday, and I received the bed.

It's in fine condition, but I called West Elm to note EXACTLY how long it took for my order to get here and how rude and inept their customer service was, and to ask for an additional refund if they're going to treat their customers this way. They said it was against their policy to give more than 20% back, but they could give me 15% off my next order. Like I'm ever going to order from them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $140.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

West Elm Pros: Product.

West Elm Cons: Customer service, Waiting for delivery, Handling of customers.

  • Delivery nightmare
  • Rude And Inept
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