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If anyone is planning to make a purchase with West Elm, do yourself a favor and RUN for the hills. Please learn from our terrible dealings with this company and save yourself the hassle!

My husband and I spent over $10,000 furnishing our new home with West Elm furniture. We ordered all of the items in store at the Orlando location on November 26th. It is now January 12th and there are items we STILL have not received. Almost everything that we ordered was either out of stock indefinitely, on back order, or they were no longer making it period. After making multiple edits to our order to account for the out of stock items, we were finally hopeful that our luck would turn around. We purchased the items on our newly-opened West Elm credit card because they offered a special 0% financing deal for 12 months. We received our first bill this month only to discover that we were NOT given the 0% offer because the employee at the store never indicated it during our purchase. We were never notified of the error. When we called the store, they said they couldn’t help us and we had to call the number on our credit card. We called the number on the credit card to be told they would look into it further, it would take 60-90 days to investigate, and they cannot guarantee that the end result would even be favorable (favorable??? THEY were the ones who screwed it up in the first place!). Also, in the mean time we are expected to continue making our payments on time (including interest) even though we have yet to actually RECEIVE all of our furniture!

Last Thursday, January 8th, we had what was supposed to be our final delivery (we had 3 previous delivery dates for other furniture from our order; each charged an individual delivery surcharge). The delivery drivers showed up with our headboard, bed frame, and dressers for our master bedroom. One piece of the bed frame was cracked upon arrival. The driver said he would let the warehouse know that they needed to deliver a replacement bed frame and schedule YET ANOTHER delivery date (aka, another day I have to *** work). I called the warehouse to schedule the bed frame delivery. They set me up for Sunday, January 11th. I received a call from the delivery driver during my allotted 2 hour time frame saying he would be at my house in 30 minutes. I sat home for the entire day and he never showed up. I tried calling him several times from the cell number he used to contact me that morning and he would not answer. At this point I called the warehouse to find out what was going on. I sat on hold for a total of close to 2 hours with various representatives. Each told me they could not reach the delivery driver, he would not return their calls or their e-mails, and that they had no idea if he would actually be showing up at my house with our bed frame that day. I was hung up on not once, but TWICE when I asked to speak with a manager about the issue. The final call I made I found out there was not actually a manager on duty that day, but they promised to give a note to the manager to address first thing Monday morning (today). They stated the manager would be in touch with me. I waited until noon today and never received a call from anyone. I called customer service and explained my entire situation. I never was given so much as an apology. The manager, Julianna, stated there were no notes that my bed frame was delivered cracked and they had no record of my scheduled delivery on Sunday, January 11th. She also informed me that the bed frame I needed replaced was now on back order until MARCH!!! I said that was unacceptable and they needed to send me another bed frame as soon as possible for all of the trouble we have had getting our furniture. She said they did not have a similar bed frame they could send me, but she would “look into it” and call me back. After 3 hours went by without hearing from her, I called her again and was told she hasn’t gotten anywhere with it yet, and would be out of the office tomorrow, so someone else would call me tomorrow with an update. Given their track record of never once calling me back over the last month and a half, I highly doubt I will receive a phone call tomorrow, and in the mean time my husband and I continue to sleep on the floor like we’re camping. Had we had any clue that this company would be so absolutely AWFUL to do business with, we would have never given them a dime of our hard-earned money. If we ever get the bed frame and area rug that they still owe us, we will never set foot in a West Elm store again.

Please, I beg you, do not order from West Elm. Their products may look pretty, but I assure you it is not worth the *** you will go through to get your items. If you cannot buy it in their store and carry it out with your own two hands, then don’t buy from them!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, poor delivery service, problem with payment, overall experience.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I have been through a similar nightmare with West Elm. In July I ordered 2 headboards and bedframes.

In August I ordered another one. After many mistakes, hours spent on hold or getting unsatisfactory customer service, and 6 delivery visits from West Elm, I finally have all 3 bedframes and headboards.

My first order was placed July 24 and it is now mid January....Products were delivered to wrong warehouse, items went on backorder, items arrived cracked or crushed, and one bedframe was incorrectly set up. NEVER AGAIN.