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I ordered the Elton settee couch in Jan quoted as shipping in 8-10 weeks and it still hasn't shipped from the distributor in mid-April with no idea when it will ship from the distributor. West Elm told me in mid-March it would be shipping, and then again in April.

It has yet to ship. The customer service people are very nice and gave me a discount, but in the end, I want the couch and it is frustrating to have to continue to contact West Elm to get updates only to find out the ship target has moved. Also, my colleague ordered a different settee from West Elm a few weeks after I did, and they shipped her the wrong color.

Again, she got a discount, but still doesn't have the right couch. She is expected to get the right couch in May some time ( more than 4 weeks after the wrong couch arrived).I will not be ordering custom-made products from West Elm again after this experience.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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My settee was ordered Nov 27. Just got it Monday April 2.

Legs also installed wrong. What a piece of *** this company is.


I canceled my order on a bed I purchased online in March. They continued to delay from April - June 27.

I was frustrated that they didn't bother to call or email. Customer service has no idea when they will receive any product.

If it's not in stock do not waste your time. I called Macy's and will be receiving my bed in a week.


I had to deal with the same issue. Mine was delayed 4 times for a total delay time of 9 weeks. I finally received it today so all told it took 19 weeks from the date of order.

Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. Apparently they weren't paying attention at the factory and installed the legs wrong. The two curved legs were installed diagonally opposite instead of both in front. Since the straight legs are slightly shorter this made the settee rock diagonally. The legs are supposed to be removable, but for some reason only the curved legs came detached after removing the retaining bolts. They are sending a "furniture medic" to sort it out in the next week or so. We'll see...

@eb, The discount I got was 10%. Not much but better than nothing.

@Tony, No vendor name on the label. But half the label is french, so perhaps the vendor is Canadian?


what was the discount you got for the delay?


I am in the midst of the same problem. I was promised free shipping and handling...once the Setee arrives...

but it hasn't yet. Any idea who this manufacturer is?

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