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DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM WEST ELM! I brought some fur pillows from them and it doesn't not say anything on their website that it's fake fur. I brought the pillows thinking they were real but when I got them, the pillows were shedding like crazy. So I called customer service, and they told me that West Elm is known for not selling real fur from animals. This is false advertisement and they did nothing to correct that. I also chatted online with their customer service and she knew nothing of the product, please see the conversation below. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from them, their products are terrible, and their customer service is worst.

Irene: Good morning.

Customer: is this real fur?

Irene: Yes this is Mongolian lambskin with fur, as the overview states.

Customer: really? because when i called and talked to customer service, they said you guys don't sell any real fur

Customer: and that west elm is known for that

Irene: Let me check further. I may be wrong.

Customer: .......

Customer: wow

Irene: Thank you for your patience, after checking I was wrong. It is not fur.

Customer: how come it doesn't say that on your website?

Customer: when i brought the pillows, i was misled

Irene: To be honest with you I do not know why it doesn't say that.

Customer: doesn't it count as false advertisement?

Customer: because i'm about to file complaints with rip off reports and BBB

Irene: The pillow is made of Mongolian lamb hair.

Customer: but you said it's not real

Irene: It's not fur it is hair.

Customer: so you are saying the hair is real?

Customer: the hair is mongolian lamb right? well it's also called mongolian lamb fur

Irene: I am just letting you know the pillow has mongolian lamb hair.

Customer: is the hair real?

Irene: The overview does not indicate that it is synthetic.

Customer: does that mean it's real hair?

Irene: It is sheered off the lamb. So it would be real.

Customer: how come your customer service tells me it is not real, and that west elm doesn't sell real fur/hair from animal

Irene: I can not answer for anyone else but for myself.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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