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I ordered furniture from West Elm on July 26, 2018, including a bed I was told would be delivered between August 27, 2018 and September 3, 2018. I called on August 27, 2018 and was told it was not yet ready but was going to be delivered to the warehouse that day and I would be able to have it delivered within the next week, which it later turned out was a blatant lie.

When I logged onto my account later that week, I saw that delivery had been pushed back to mid-October. At no point did anyone contact me to notify me of the delay, which is a direct breach of the policy stated on the West Elm website. They are also still offering the product on their website and being delivered in 4-6 weeks, although they are now telling me that the product I ordered over a month ago will take nearly two months from now to deliver. I ordered the product on the basis that it would be delivered within the stated time period and now the company will not let me cancel the order.

Another item in my order was also delivered and I discovered that the delivery company had not assembled it properly so one of the hinges on the door fell off and cannot be reinstalled because the company damaged the wood where it was supposed to be affixed. Despite contacting the company within minutes of the delivery company leaving and discovering the damage, they refused to send them back to fix it and told me I had to deal with their delivery quality team who I was told do not have a phone number and only deal with people via email but have not bothered to respond to any of my emails.

Overall, the customer service from this company has been outrageous and they have exhibited a complete contempt for their customers and zero willingness to deal with concerns on the quality and delays in their orders. Even contacting their customer service team is a nightmare - none of them know the right department so it is not uncommon to be directed to 2-3 different people before you arrive at the right department and to spend half an hour or more on hold (despite the automated message saying the wait time is 2-3 minutes) before anyone picks up the phone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I have had similar issue but PAID with a $550 merchandise credit, so essentially they have taken my $ as of July 5 but never delievered either product and no matter how many calls and people I speak with (lengthy hold times) or emails, I do not get any return communication with when either of my items will be delivered (it's now Sept 12!!) or have a manager call. I know of no way to communicate, via snail mail, with a person at West Elm and it's been 2.5 months of being ghosted by this company (while they have kept the funds).

Honestly, I won't be surprised if I never get the merchandise credit returned and how do I sue to get that $?? Over 10 years I have bought thousands of $ of furniture from this company and it's all be great except this year there seem to be huge delivery issues, extremely poor customer service and responses and now the current situation which I describe above.

How can one get a problem resolved with this company? Does NO one follow through?


Their customer service is awful if you go through the conventional channels. I finally got a response from them by posting a scathing review publicly on their facebook group. Unfortunately, public shaming seems to be the only way to get them to respond; their customer service representatives clearly don't care but their social media team seems a little more concerned with bad publicity.


Very True. I bad mouthed them on Twitter and got a response right away and a social media rep has been helping me.

(I guess as much as they can? Still don't believe a word anyone tells me) I work for a a high entertainment executive in LA and it took 2 months for a rug to get here, and 2 months for a couch to get here. It's frustrating because I placed the orders so my boss was thinking it was all my fault. So they are essentially screwing my my livelihood too.

This job is how I make my living... when I had to relay their stupid "excuses" and "responses" for why products weren't here yet I felt like my boss didn't believe me.. which I understand because every time I finally got through to someone on the phone (after almost an hour wait) they had different responses. "Oh it's on it's way to the distribution center we will send you an e-mail"...

"we had to put in a new order because it was damaged"... "this is shipping from USPS".... "No wait UPS... you need to call them"...

And my favorite one: "oh it's coming from an overseas manufacturer so it can take time to get a response from them" ... That was the weirdest response I must say. So you can't contact your overseas manufacturer because they are overseas? What!?

Is it on some secret military base or somewhere in North Korea with no contact to the outside world???

WHAT? Shady business.


I’m having the same issues with West elm. I have getting the run around for two days.

They can’t find my chair but my couch has been at the distribution since July 12. They say they can’t deliver until the chair is there too. I ordered the Paidge sofa and chair on July 5 and it’s now Sept 5! Worst buying experience ever.

I’ll buy from Crate and Barrel from now on bc they have been great. I’ve ordered 5 pieces from them and no issues at all