So I went online to buy just a small, inexpensive wool rug with eco-friendly mat, and found one that I thought was pretty nice on West Elm. I had never bought anything from them before and thought, what the heck?

Ordered my rug and found it in front of my door only 3 days later. Score!!!... Except it was the wrong rug. So I contacted customer service and they told me to wrap the rug back up as best I could, cross out the 8 million bar codes all over the packaging, and wait patiently for the UPS guy to come pick it up over the course of a 12 hour window (There went my Saturday).

That was 3 weeks ago and I still haven't received a replacement... or any kind of confirmation that one is on its way.

Customer service could not give a ***, and has informed me because it is an "exchange" (their screw up not mine) I won't receive any kind of information or tracking number, but maybe with some luck it will ship soon. Great.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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