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My current and past CEO have always told me they love hearing from customers good and bad, because they want to see the real picture. Mickey Drexler loved to hear from the consumers, so I figured I would right this. First of all, I wanted to say that your new West Elm Collection store looks impeccable, and I love that the West Elm collection is going for a more urban/modern vibe of assortment and aesthetic. I also enjoyed the positive energy that your sales associate demonstrated, and the knowledge of the product.

Working in the retail market, customer service is one of the leading factors to help retain customers, but also supply chain of product to customer is also important (among other factors). I usually don’t write emails like this but your company is unique and offers something to the market that is hard to find sometimes. It’s not a negative email, but more of an opportunity email to improve on both customer service and delivery service. To make a long story short, my apartment was destroyed in an apartment building fire, so I needed to replace everything from a dresser to a cleaning broom. My first furniture purchase was one of your beds that was in the West Elm collection window and it was to be delivered on Wednesday 7/27/2016. My shipping window was 3pm-6pm, and I took a ½ day and waited in anticipation for the first piece of new furniture to arrive. Much to my dismay no delivery, and it’s after 7 pm. When I called the customer service number on your website, no one was able to help me due to the fact I purchased it in store. I then, in frustration called the store, and the sales rep informed me that my delivery was running late. I have called not once but 5 times to the store. Running late in NY is normal, but as we can all attest to this, if your running late, text or call. No communication was sent from your delivery carrier. Not only did my work day get dismantled, but I also had to cancel my evening plans. I needed a bed, what was I going to do.

My situation may have been a rare case, but a case that leads one to think, do other customers experience the same issue. My experience all comes down to communication, from the begging to end. If the flow of communication isn’t seamless it won’t lead to a high customer retention. Allowing customer service representatives to help customers that make big ticket purchases in store, helps make an Omni channel stronger. Satisfied delivery of product to customer is a must, and one mishap leads to less future purchases made. Now I am waiting for my first furniture purchases, and have to edit my other big ticket purchases in my West Elm online cart because of this situation. The brand is strong and has a strong recognition in the market, and I want my email to come as more of a how can we improve than a complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Delivery nightmare
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