Troy, Michigan
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I have never experienced anything like what has happened since January 1st with West Elm Furniture. It's like some ridiculous made up story that your crazy old Aunt would tell. Special order sectional plus side chair ordered January 1st, 2016. Chair shows up early (yay!) in mid-January and is stored in garage since it doesn't match old furniture. Feb 2 received voice mail from West Elm stating they had a technical issue with my order number (for the couch) so I'm receiving a new one but the order is already ready and packed to ship. Should be delivered by March 1. CC charged Feb 28, no call for delivery. Hmmmm...

The next two months are insane. 10+ calls to customer service, sectional is on a "truck" from California to Ohio (slowest truck ever apparently). Finally get offered a refund on April 26 after threatening to call BBB but only once they can locate the furniture and ship it back to California (Excuse me, WHAT?). Now on May 5 I sit here on the phone with customer service again, only to find out that my sectional was lost since February, had to be rebuilt but WHOOPS they only made one of the two pieces. Oh and I can't have a refund because it was a special order. They ask, do I want the one piece now and wait for the other?? WHAT THE *** AND I GOING TO DO WITH HALF OF A SECTIONAL (likely for another four months)!!

Finally able to escalate to a manager and will be receiving a full refund immediately. Never again West Elm, never again...

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

West Elm Cons: Customer service and delivery.

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