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Do not buy furniture at west elm and do not get their west elm credit card. I know that 10% back in points is really enticing, but you need to reach $250 dollars in accumulated dollars in order for them to give you the bonus. But the real reason why you shouldn't get their credit card is that if there ever was a problem with your order, the credit card (operated by comenity bank) does not offer as much of protection for you as compared to Master card or Visa.

This is my story....

I placed an order for a sofa and immediately got an email confirming my order and that it's non-refundable because it's a custom order. Huh? I didn't even order a special color. So I called them back an order immediately after placing the order. They said that it will take 24-48 hrs to cancel and to check back in a few days. When I checked back 2 business days later with customer service, she said she sees the request and "thinks" it's cancelled but is not sure, so she transferred my call to the furniture department. I confirmed with someone at furniture that it was cancelled. Then almost 14 days later I got an email saying my sofa is ready to be scheduled for delivery. Surprised, I called them immediately and they said it was already charged onto my credit card 1 week ago!! The furniture department said it was already delivered to the warehouse and they can't refund the money until they get it sent back to them. I was really really upset. Why would I need to wait for a refund? They shouldn't have processed it in the first place!! The furniture guy puts me on hold after 45 minutes, then i got disconnected!!! BTW, everytime I call west elm, the wait to connect to a customer rep is forever. It will range from a minimum of 10 minutes to 1 hour and possibly longer if you are transferred to the furniture department. Not to mention I've got disconnected a dozen times or place on hold and sent to voicemail or a text messaging center? Huh??! The reps are usually extremely apologetic, but can't solve anything. If you ask for a manager, you won't get one! They'll say they're really busy.

So I called a store and got a store manager to help me. He said he took care of it and I was so happy. But i called the main customer service line to be sure, but the rep still didn't see any refund. Their customer service and furniture department representatives are really really useless dealing with customer issues. I don't know if it has something to do with the west elm computer system, but the online system doesn't match with the reps have and the computers take forever and every rep i talk to sees something different in the computer each time I call. I'm surprised that such a company like this survives in the world of online business. They have absolutly no tech support whatsoever.

Anyway, I decided to open up a dispute with the west elm credit card. Eventhough they have a dispute department, I can't actually talk to them. They have to take a note and sent it to them. It's definitely not as reassuring as a large credit card company that offers protection for consumers for this kind of stuff. Anyway this whole fiasco took 3 weeks to fix. In the meantime i'm still getting email responses from west elm I sent 1 week ago now.

I will not buy from West Elm ever again. What a nightmare. Had I gotten a piece of furniture that was falling apart, I can't imaging how I would get them to help me after I've paid thousands of dollars. Target offers better warranty for Cat&Jack shirts (1 year), vs. West elm's expensive sofa. How can that be? But beware, even if West Elm offers such a thing, until they fix their customer service department, there is no way you can get someone to help you on the phone. And if you go to a store, they can't help you either.

In addition, they have a fair-trade, eco, green, sustainable, program for their products. I don't know how much of that is really true since this is how they treat their customers.

I rather sit on an ugly sofa than have to deal with these people.

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