First we ordered a daybed.It showed up marred with some poor attempts at repair--most likely with white out.

I contacted customer service to exchange and they said it would be 2-4 weeks. When I did get a call from the delivery service to deliver the new one, they put me on hold 5 times and told me they couldn't find the merchandise they'd called about. I'm waiting a few days to call back.....but in the mean time I ordered a MATTRESS DAYBED COVER for the West Elm Daybed I just purchased. When the cover arrived, I thought maybe they'd sent me a box-spring cover by accident because it only had fabric on the sides, not the top.

I emailed them to return, thinking they'd made a mistake--they informed me I needed an additional cover for the daybed mattress (no explanation of why this item was called "Mattress Daybed Cover" when it's exactly NOT that). They offered to take it back for $6.50, so I decided to call to ask if I could just return it to the store. Instead of a directory I was told I won a Caribbean Cruise and was given no option talk to a customer service rep--I kept being instructed to wait on the line, but the offer for the cruise was continually repeated with no option to talk to a representative, or do anything other than listen to the offer. After 5 minutes I hung up and called back just in case I got the number wrong.

Same deal. I dug up a different number in my email and called that.

The woman said I couldn't return the daybed cover because it was a discounted item (it wasn't when I purchased it 2 weeks ago), I told her I'd already received an email stating I could return it and she immediately says "oh yes I see that here".I then asked if I could just return to the store and she goes, " you can but they might not accept it since it's a discounted item" I then remind her that I've already got confirmation via email that West Elm will take it back and she replies, "right ok, let me just write that in your notes".....conclusion--West Elm needs to work on their delivery process and customer experience!!

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