Brooklyn, New York

Yesterday they had a one day deal for 30% off poufs. I happened to spot one a few days earlier so I jumped at this new deal but they didn't have my color even though the item was listed as new.

I called some stores which didn't even carry the item and inquired with their customer service number to see if I could track down my desired product at another location. I even asked if they were out of stock with my color when would it be next available? The only answer I got was that they were unsure but as a new item it should be in stock again at some point especially if it's sold out. The system wouldn't allow them to search for the item in the color I wanted.

I decided to wait it out for another sale.

Today I looked up my pouf and lo and behold....the color I wanted has magically appeared online! So West Elm, if you were having a one day promo for an item why couldnt you make sure you had the proper inventory to fulfill the demand for the promo.

I'm disappointed and feel like it was a sneaky tactic to not sell out of an item they predict would sell fast. Shame!

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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