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Its been twice now! I love their stuff but I hate having to order online if the item is not available at the store.

I have now ordered twice and both times it seems like they can't get it quite right and have me wasting my time running around trying to fix my order. The first time I ordered a couple of metallic honeycomb glass pendants. When they arrived the honeycomb pattern was so off one was tiny honeycombs and the other large ones. Now I understand that they may be "hand-made" but I'm sure they could have found two more similar to each other (which is what i had the Dallas store make sure when I phone ordered it from them).

I just received the terrace coffee table and it was so unstable!!

the delivery guys said it was assembled at the warehouse but managed to find a tool in their truck to fix it. I called customer service and not even a simple apology was given, they told me "oh well just tighten them...thats their job!

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

West Elm Pros: Merchandise.

West Elm Cons: Customer service, Delivery.

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