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I purchased a rug online. A few days later (before receiving the rug) I noticed that the price was reduced and free shipping was offered.

I contacted West Elm customer service and requested to get a credit for the price difference as well as the freight. First email was never answered. I wrote a second email, still before receiving the rug, and this time I was told that they cannot adjust price after it is purchased. The only option is to return it once I receive it, and then purchase a new one.

I responded that it makes no sense to go through so much trouble and that it is customery to just adjust the price.

Of course, that email was never acknowledged or answered. Worst customer service ever!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Rug.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

West Elm Cons: Customer services.

  • West Elm Horrible
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Next time that happens, call your local store and speak to the manager. i had the same thing happen to me, i bought a piece of furniture and 3 weeks after it was delivered, the reduced the price $200, i called mail order, where i ordered it from, they told me they don't do price adjustments.

i called a local store, and the person took my name, number and order number down. he called me back the next day, he got me the price adjustment, and the shipping would have been $24 cheaper as well, so i got that back too. They offer amazing customer service, you just have to know who to talk to. I had bought a dining room table, after over a year, i noticed the finish on the top was wearing off, i called and talked to a manager, she replaced the table and picked up the old one.

The chairs that i had matched the old table, she allowed me to return them and get my money back and i purchased new ones.

after about another year i had the same problem with the new table, i called her again, she replaced the table and the new one that i picked I've not had any issues with and I'm very pleased with. its always best to talk to a store manager at West elm, they are extremely customer satisfactory oriented.