Based on their prices, I always assumed that West Elm was a high end, high quality store. I couldn't have been more wrong.They have beautiful looking furniture, but it's just not worth the headache.

There is zero quality control and poor customer service. From the moment I made the purchase, to receiving a defective coffee table, to asking for a replacement, to receiving a 2nd defective coffee table, to attempting to return it and get my money back (I still don't have my money back), this has been one painful process. Every time I call their customer service # I get disconnected (literally every single time, and I've tried at least 8 times). Their customer service by email is decent, but every step of the way they leave y the ball in your court - if you don't follow up with them, they don't follow through on their promise.

Even to get my $500 back after being sent 2 defective items, it is my responsibility to keep calling them to "give them my credit card number" which is impossible since I get disconnected every time I call.

I never thought it would be possible for a major company to be run this poorly. It has been the most frustrating customer service experience of my life.

User's recommendation: Avoid shopping at West Elm at all costs!

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

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