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Up until this order, I had only bought little vases and pillows at WestElm retail stores. Best to stick to that, because furniture orders seem to befuddle them.

I ordered two simple benches back in October. All my other furniture for my new home has come in from other vendors (AllModern, Crate & Barrel, ect.) but no benches from West Elm yet. I've called (4) times now to track. Each time I get cut off at least twice trying to get to the furniture department.

Each of the four calls has ended with the customer service person telling me that the vendor has "no update" on when I'll receive my order. Each of the customer service agents has told me they'd take it up "personally" to call me within 48 hours with a new update. And, each of the four times I've received this "personal" guarantee, I never heard back from the agent again and have to start all over with a new agent, who tells me the same thing. It's like my own little personal "West Elm Groundhog Day." Meanwhile, they've had my $1,000+ now for seven weeks and I'll have no place for my family to sit at Christmas.

I will NEVER order furniture again from West Elm. Too bad.

They have great styles and design, but it doesn't do much good when you don't actually ever "get" the stuff. I have no faith I'll see these benches much before February.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

West Elm Cons: Customer service, Delivery.

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Agreed! My sofa is not at all as what I saw tested in the store and saw online.

The measurements are off 1-3.5" inches in width, depth, length, and height. I was told that they give their manufacturer a error of margin of up to 3". That is a lot if you are planning it for a specific space.

There is nothing online to reflect this policy. I have been back and forth with them for 10 months and no help at all.