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Oh and btw, that cancellation? That just happened yesterday. So from May to mid July, no delivery.

Original review posted by user Jul 16, 2014

We ordered the De Kalb couch in May at the Santa Monica West Elm, we were told it was in stock and should be delivered shortly. Three weeks later, nothing. Four weeks later, still nothing.

For some reason, West Elm's delivery updates seem to have the same shroud of mystery as the Twilight Zone. Several times they told us the delivery would be done on X day, one of us stayed at home and what do we get? No couch, no call, no service. Out of frustration, my BF went to the store and asked to actually see the couch. He was led across the street and shown a box, where presumably the De Kalb laid in glorious yet hidden state.

Same scenario again with the no show delivery. Finally, he and two other friends took a van to the store to pick it up, and what was the answer? The couch wasn't in yet.. which means that mystery box was what?

Apparently air. So we decide to cancel the order. They say they have to charge us $150.00 - as if there wasn't enough salt in the wound. After much arguing and yes, threats that we would do a film expose on their selling practices, they finally said ok, no charge to cancel.

I believe they oversell their furniture and part of that is promising unrealistic delivery dates and extremely poor delivery. I don't know how people who work there cope because I'd only lie day in and day out if I was a professional spy..

The cost of this whole experience were numerous days off from work to wait for their NON delivery, as well as having no couch at all - we got rid of the old one in anticipation of the de Kalb coming in from Xanadu.

As a test, I contacted them today by chat to ask about the very same mystical couch...I wanted to see what kind of delivery lead time they'd offer. I did tell the customer service person Eryn I was planning to buy two of these, one for an LA house and another for an East Coast house. It's baffling but regardless of where you are, they will quote a standard 3 week lead time to their HUB THEN they say you will be contacted once it's in for delivery to YOU which they then can't say when.

That in itself isn't a doozy, but she later states that a) they don't know which hub the de Kalb will ship from, b) they have it available but from which warehouse they don't know, c) they don't know where it's made, d) no, it won't be shipping from overseas though they can't say if it's US or foreign made BUT that e) it IS available for purchase.

I'm beginning to wonder if they sell to get your cash then manage their funds around to make product, who knows? In conclusion, I would highly suggest you only buy product you can cart out of the store yourself like RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT. Mind I've had couches custom made before with other companies like Quatrine etc. and patiently waited the 4 month lead time, that's ok if you know that from the get-go and don't waste your time waiting for nothing.

But if you think you're going to see your money in couch form any time soon from these jokers, nope. You're more likely to see a unicorn.

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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wow these are crazy stories - wish I read them yesterday. I ordered a coffee table online yesterday and they promised delivery on Monday. We shall see.


Yep, I wished the same thing too. But guess what?

We ordered a couch from Restoration Hardware yesterday afternoon, and it's being delivered Friday. Just like that. That means the money we spent was traded for actual goods and not sitting somewhere in limbo being used for who knows what.

And when I asked RH where their couches are made, they were able to tell me immediately the different countries they sourced it from.

LEGALLY, companies are obligated to tell you where what you buy is made. I STILL haven't received an email from West *** telling me where they make the dekalb.

The other thing I'm happy about is that I've read numerous complaints about the quality of their furniture (after the fact) particularly beds which seem to break. Honestly, the last bed I bought was from Living Spaces and it's awesome.

Really wish you luck, Ivana.