East Setauket, New York

I ordered a desk from West Elm, and called to cancel the order the next day. The first representative told me that the order was cancelled and to expect a full refund and a confirmation email with the details.

After not receiving an email with the cancellation details, I tracked the order online and showed up as 'received'. I called West Elm again to get a confirmation that the order has in fact been cancelled, and was told that, 'no, they didn't send confirmation emails', but the order was cancelled. When I asked about the refund, they told me that they were going to keep the $30 surcharge "because the order was already being processed." I told them that I refuse to pay the surcharge since I'm paying for nothing, literally.

They HAVEN'T SHIPPED the item. Will NEVER shop with them again.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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