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West Elm's Customer Service is completely unreliable and they only respond to your requests evasively and don't solve anything or answer any questions. They simply just push you off and dodge the issue.

The delivery lead time that they tack onto the order AFTER purchase is absolutely absurd. Once I read it was going to take an additional 4 weeks for the item to be delivered I asked if I could pay more to put a rush on the delivery. They responded and said I "could" but it would be a difficult process for THEM and it's really much easier for them on their end if I pay for the rush delivery at check out, and they ignored my request after that. (Maybe I would have paid for a rush delivery at check out if they had mentioned the item wouldn't ship to me for over a month.)

Nothing bugs me more than companies who think their time is more important than their customer's time.

It says on the tracking info that it's been sitting in the warehouse in Oakland for a week. They told me they don't have anyone in my area (ten minutes away in San Francisco) for another 4 weeks... That's just ridiculous. That means no one in the city of San Francisco has ordered anything from West Elm that's getting delivered for another 4 weeks...??

So then I offered to go pick the item up myself from the warehouse and they said that's not a possibility either. The fact that they can't figure out a way to get it delivered to an apartment only ten minutes away in less than 4 weeks is absolutely absurd and clearly there is some major disorganization and negligence of planning going on over there.

I don't know any other furniture vendor that does that... Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, CB2, One Kings Lane- They all delivery ASAP and ask when it's convenient for you and work with you if their delivery time doesn't work with your schedule. And everything is clear, up front when you're on their website browsing around. They also offer to make notes on your account for the delivery system to see if they can work around it and update you on the status of the order thoroughly.

This whole experience with West Elm in-home deliveries and customer service has really turned me off from ever buying from this vendor again considering I can get items of this aesthetic and quality from a handful of other vendors. It also amazes me that they post items on their website for sale and then tell you once you're checking out that the item won't be available to shop for another THREE months, then the additional 4-week in-home delivery lead time.

It's truly like this company is run by an 18 year old who just started their first business.

Thank you for listening and good luck with your experience! Hopefully they start taking the numerous reviews like this one into account and change the dynamic of their operations.

  • unaccommodating customer service
  • horrible delivery scheduling
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Still waiting for my my purchase to be delivered (bed) - 3 weeks ago placed order - was told "in stock" - was not, then was, different answer every time I call - will call you in a few days to set up deliver - same story - now in warehouse - but have to wait to fill enough orders to substantiate a "delivery". Never never never will purchase another thing from this site - their loss - I am an avid on-line purchaser! I will spread the word!!!