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(I see others complaining about this here, and getting replies from West Elm. Hopefully I will hear from them soon myself, before our order gets turned away by our building tomorrow.)

Recently moved to a NYC apt building that requires a Certificate Of Insurance for deliveries. I’ve ordered items from many companies, & West Elm is the only one that can’t get us a COI in a timely fashion.

West Elm insists it can only email the COI the day before delivery, and only to a single representative listed for the building. Of a dozen places we’ve ordered items from, they are the only company who operates this way. This would be acceptable, marginally, if they did in fact send the COI before delivery. Somehow they managed to send it only after the 1st delivery arrived.

And now, despite emails, tweets, and hours of calls w/long hold times — despite apologies & promises from W.E. reps last time — we’re in the same situation again for our second (and likely final) delivery from West Elm. Our delivery is scheduled for tomorrow. No COI.

West Elm: why does every other company manage to get their COI to our building before delivery? Why is West Elm the only place we’ve run into that works the way you do, where you can’t send it in advance, and also can’t email us along with the building rep? I appreciate that you repeatedly say you’re sorry, but can you fix the problem?

Please respond. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Delivery Service.

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