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I ordered a desk unit and two side bookshelves. The desk looks great but has a major design flaw.

When you pull the chair out to sit down, you bash your head on the upper cabinet when leaning forward to sit. Also, if you are standing at the desktop and lean forward to pick something up from the desktop, head bashes into the cabinet. The desktop is not deep enough to allow headroom clearance and is thus ergonomically misdesigned. It is flat out dangerous.

My boyfriend and I have both bashed our heads very hard numerous times. My poor boyfriend is bald and is on blood thinners so he could be really hurt badly. He refuses to use it anymore and that is why we bought it in the first place. Believe me, if an injury occurs I will definitely sue.

I called customer service to complain and they just said that I could send it back at my own expense. That is unacceptable. I should be made whole.

I will take this up with my credit card company. Very bad customer service offering no acceptable solution.

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Chair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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you need to watch your head when getting up


Seriously?? Why is this nation so sue happy?? If you know you can hit your head,then find other positions to stand up..push the chair back a bit judge distance and stand up..but im sure you could waste peoples time and money to sue..i wish people could be counter sued for being bullchit


I understand where you are coming from. I really do.

And we have tried to do exactly that. This may be hard to explain but this is truly a dangerous design flaw. And I'm not talking about an ouchy tap on the head. This is if you are using a desk in a perfectly normal fashion you BASH your head on the cabinet VERY HARD.

Don't be so quick to judge if you haven't been in our shoes. If it was only one of us it would be one thing. In fact, when he complained to me I thought exactly what you have thought. Then it happened to me!

The first time I thought "wow, I need to be careful". Then it happened again and I realized that there is no possible way to use the desk as a normal person would use it without risking serious injury. So although I understand your position, I am afraid you do not in any way understand ours. I am far too busy to write reviews and pursue refunds for products that are good.

I love the look of this desk and it fits my space wonderfully. It is simply dangerous. I am in no way sue happy. I will get my credit card company to challenge this purchase.

But if somebody is hurt then West Elm has been notified.

I would no way even sell this in a garage sale or give it to goodwill. It belongs in the trash.