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I ordered a bed frame from West Elm. It arrived with two pieces defective, making the bed un-usable. I called and they said they'd send me the replacement pieces. First, the replacement piece arrived late. Second, it was THE WRONG PIECE.

In the meantime, it's been WEEKS and I still don't have a bed to sleep on.

I called, and they were completely impossible to deal with. When they sent me the replacement piece, they said they'd be crediting me for the bed. Except...when I called back, they said they were crediting me for the *replacement* part. How insulting--to act like they're doing me a huge favor by not making me pay for *their* mistake?

This still isn't resolved. They want me to pay to return the broken bed and incorrect piece that THEY sent me. I will not pay for their mistakes. I'm trying to figure out what my options are.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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If you paid with a credit card, you can file a dispute with them, and if west elm doesn't agree to refund your money the credit card will (and just not pay them). The correct steps to make this happen is to tell west elm that when you placed the order it was a package deal and you are not interested in getting a subset of the order.

Let them know the bed was not delivered as advertised (it was defective) and their attempts to rectify the situation have failed. As a curteousy to them you are willing to arrange to meet with them so they can pick up the defective merchandise and their expense. While this is inconvenient to you, you understand mistakes happen and are willing to meet them half way by being their so they can get their bad stuff back. Tell them you expect a full prompt refund, and if it is not processed you will dispute the charge with your credit card company and let them resolve the problem.

Long story short, you won't have to file an actual dispute.

Disputes are almost always ruled in favor of the consumer, and reflect poorly on the merchant. They will refund your money, but if not, you simply share the above steps with your credit card and they will credit your statement and not pay west elm.