I have been an admirer of West Elm, and thought they were were known for lifelong quality pieces. Not the case. We ordered the Emmerson reclaimed table, bench, coffee table, and two leather couches. The Emmerson pieces LOOK extremely hardy, and indestructible. They are made of reclaimed shipyard wood, BUT they are slivers of the actual reclaimed wood, almost like a veneer. We have had the table for a couple of weeks, and the coffee table 2 days. They already have chunks that fell out, and varnish that chipped off. Not happy. The table was $1,000, bench was $500 and the coffee table $400. For $2k I expect furniture that will last at least 10 years.

I have head nightmare stories about their customer service, but will try and see what can be done. shipping also took almost 6 weeks, when it was listed at 2-4 weeks.

I would definitely rethink this collection from West Elm, and do your research!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

West Elm Pros: Like the sales associate that assisted me, Look of item s.

West Elm Cons: Delivery and product quality.

Location: Meridian, Idaho

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There is a potential fix for those who aren’t happy with the finish. I just purchased this table and wasn’t 100% pleased with the finish because it didn’t match the sample in color or texture.

It just felt...cheap.

But, I love the design so I took Varathane Wood Stain in Golden Mahogany and rubbed on a light coat with a paper towel. Now it looks and feels like quality wood and any scratches can be restained


I purchased this table and I wished I had done research on how unhappy people are with West Elm. The top of the table is splitting apart.

There are splinters everywhere and a nail sticking out of it. The raw wood that wasn't stained is showing through the 1/4" wide cracks everywhere. GARBAGE. And the company tells me that it was purposefully designed this way to deal with humidity!

I live in Illinois. Their solution is to have people rebuild the table IN MY HOME.


Is this table made in Vietnam? It says it is imported.

I was looking at a similar table from another company and I suspect its the same manufacturer as many people rebrand the same stuff in the furniture industry.



Within one month the individual planks started separating so you can see the sides of the wood and the piece of wood that holds the planks together. These areas are not stained so they are very noticeable.

I was told that it was due to the dry climate. I asked if there was something I could do to prevent this. I had already gotten rid of my old dining room table and did not want to replace it with another from West Elm which would probably have the same issue. After a month or so the saleswoman said to send her some photos.

It has now been almost four months and I have not heard back from her.

I noticed that the website now shows photos of the table with more imperfections but they do not show wide gaps between the wood. I recommend that you do not waste your money on this table.


I just bought this table and it wobbles horribly. The thing that most concerned me at the present and it could only be because it wobbles is that if my son pulled up on this table he could pull this table right on top of himself. It does not seem sturdy at all but like I said it could be because it is not flat on the floor


I have this table as well and after 2 years it is starting to show signs of early deterioration. I noticed the underside of the table isn't finished and the wood is starting to dry up and some fraying and brittleness is apparent.

I will treat with mineral oil and is if that will ward off further weathering. The knots on the table actually are getting bigger! I will see if oiling and waxing them will help, or fill in with wood putty.

A table that cost over $1000 shouldn't be having these issues. Very disappointing.


Does anyone know the steps involved in a class action proceeding? This is not the only site with multiple customers with shoddy emmerson junk.


Agree completely. The surface is so rough that it has snagged placemats and one of my kids got a splinter.

Not only that. The table height is taller than started and is too tall for standard height chairs. It is terribly uncomfortable and you feel like a kid at the grownups table. Chairs with a taller seat height are almost impossible to find.

But why would I purchase expensive chairs for a rough splinter laden table. I decided to sand it but the instructions said not to because of the finish.

I called customer service who told me they had no idea what the finish was and because it was made overseas, they had no way of finding it out.

Upon asking about the table height being 2" too tall, I was told that varied because it was handmade. You are right to doubt their customer service.


what happened when you sanded it? DId it flatten out and was OK?

We just got this table and the wood pieces are cupping and seperating.

I want to stain and Varathane Wood Stain in Golden Mahogany as Leslie stated at start of thread. Its a good design from afar , poor materials and cheap feel.


we have this table and it also has had pieces come off, tons of wood splinters, and separating boards. did you have any luck w customers service ?

we got the run around from a 3rd party furniture repair company they use.. sent pics of all the damage and never heard from them again.


If a "salesperson" helped you, I assume you purchased these items in the store, where you had every opportunity to see, feel, carefully inspect, research, and contemplate your selection before purchasing it. Nothing should have come as a surprise after the fact.

Not all furniture is designed to be "sturdy" -- let me guess, you have unruly children and they proceeded to damage the furniture shortly after it was delivered, and you are upset that the store would not take it back. Sounds like a case of buyers remorse to me!


you're an ***, the furniture you see in the store isn't what you get. even if it is at the store, in the stockroom, it would be boxed.

with the insane amounts of packaging around pieces of furniture do you think they allow everyone to un-box them for inspection at the store??

besides, this post is about the deterioration of these pieces in a short period of use. this collection is terribly made, almost as poorly constructed as your comment.


Actually the sample in the store is smooth as glass which further proves our point. You better bet I have buyer's remorse- sorry I accepted shipment of this piece of *** and dealing with West Elm at all.

How long have you worked for West Elm? The table that is sold is light years from the store model.


Excuse me but do you have one of these tables, or do you work for West Elm? I bought mine after doing all the above "research" my friends table is fantastic quality, not veneer and beautiful.

The one I got is a DUD, wood pulling apart, huge gaps.

This is more than buyers remorse it's fraudulent customer service. West Elm doesn't even have reviews, that should say something!!


Product research is typically only helpful when conducted BEFORE making a major purchase. Your method of researching only afterward is counterproductive at best. It seems the words "due diligence" are probably too difficult for many to comprehend without an app or something that can explain it to them slowly, and in terms they understand?


researching anything before or after your purchase is not the point, with a company as big as this you can't help getting a bad apple once or twice so people take any review with a grain of salt.. the fact is this collection is poorly made.

the wood veneer it terrible, huge chunks come off for reason other than the glue separates from the frame. any comment defending this furniture is an employee of West Elm/Williams Sonoma.


This is a clear quality issue which only is discoverable by use. When you pay 1300+ you should at the very least receive great customer service and a product that lasts.

I couldn't disagree more with the reviewer that is blaming the OP for not doing their due diligence. It's like spending 10k on a diamond but getting cubic zirconia-not a problem with anyone's research capabilities.

All that said - thank you OP. I was about to buy this table but your review just saved me a ton of hassle.

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