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You probably think "solid wood furniture" means it's crafted from solid wood, right? Well, apparently not at West Elm -- it means it is not "hollow wood." Like a hollow closet door. That's right, think of all that hollow furniture you've almost bought in the past - they wanted you to know it wasn't that really cheap stuff. What a relief. Thanks West Elm!!!

Even with as a marketer myself, that borders on fraud in my eyes. To me, and probably you too, veneered wood should not be marketed as solid wood. Veneered wood is a very thin layer of solid wood on top of a thick layer of ground up wood chips. If you like veneer for the cost advantage, go ahead and grab some from West Elm. Just know it's anything but solid wood. If it ever gets injured, get ready to buy more.

The overall looks at West Elm are good, but questionable sales tactics make me scared to ever buy from them again. Shame on Williams-Sonoma - the parent company.

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I ordered a Henry sectional in June 2012. They claimed it was on backorder until June 29.

It's now August 3rd and still no sofa. Customer service gives me the runaround claiming their supplier hasn't been able to fill. I have called once a week only to be told it is shipping soon. Today they are saying Sept 26.

I will never do business with them again. Will be getting a refund and moving my business elsewhere.