I have contacted West Elm’s customer service 5 times to resolve a returned item issue which still has NOT been resolved.

I ordered merchandise online on 10/28/13, received the order on 11/4/13, and returned 2 of the items (pillows) on 11/7/13, using the return label provided by West Elm. The returned order was received by West Elm on 11/13/13. I even emailed proof of documentation to customer service. I tracked the shipping delivery through UPS and verified West Elm received the returned pillows on 11/13/13. I waited 2 weeks to receive credit on my West Elm credit card account, which I did not get, so my husband called on 11/25, 11/26, and ended up speaking to 3 different representatives. They informed him that we need to be patient and wait a few more business days for the credit to appear on my account. I waited another week and still NO credit on my West Elm account. So I called again, and spoke to Nicole on 12/4/13, she said they mailed a merchandise credit. I asked why they would do that and why when we called over a week ago, they never informed us of that? She said she doesn’t know why neither representative explained it. Then said because it was over 14 days of return, which it was NOT! I have all my copies of the order, again see attached proof of return and delivery. I told her we returned the item within 3 days of receiving it. She said she would have to email management to verify that the merchandise credit that was mailed to us wasn’t used and then credit would be issued onto account and that someone would contact me within 48 hours. She assured me this would be done in a timely manner and someone would call me.

NO ONE CALLED ME BACK and still NO CREDIT!! I gave it over a week and finally called back on 12/13/13, I and now spoke to Charly, who advised me they have a very high call volume and that she sees the notes from 12/4, but they haven’t received a response back yet. So I’ll have to call back. I told her this has been going on for over a month and I’d like to talk to a supervisor, her response was that this is a call center of 100’s of employees with only 2 supervisors and that she could not connect me. Instead she like the other representative over 10 days ago, said she would have someone call me within 48 hours. GUESS WHAT...6 days later and still no return call and still no credit processed back to my credit card.

I am at a loss. I have spent hours on hold, extended time explaining my situation, and then re-explaining every time I call and end up talking to someone different. This is ridiculous. I have been billed for something I returned and now going on another cycle statement without the matter resolved. The credit of $151.(and change) should have posted to my account back in mid-November.

I am so disappointed with West Elm’s customer service and the lack of apology and resolution.

Monetary Loss: $151.

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