Irving, Texas
Not resolved

Do NOT order anything from west elm. The VERY worst customer service EVER.

My mom gave me "design dollars" to use towards a purchase. I needed a mirror so I decided to buy a $400 mirror which is actually one of their less expensive options. However, I had $250 worth of design dollars right? So as I'm purchasing the mirror the representative told me they don't normally let others use someone else's design dollars but she'd make it work.

I bought the mirror and she told me I'd be refunded the $250. Months later, I still haven't seen a dime of the $250. I've talked to multiple ppl about how this will be fixed but nobody has the same explanation and now they're telling me they can't help me because the design dollars can only be put back on a west elm credit card....if I'd known this to begin with I wouldn't have gotten the *** mirror!!! I've been very patient and nice throughout the process.

The last person I spoke with told me there was nothing they could do and then hung up on me. Really?? It's not about the money anymore. It's bad customer service, false advertising and false promises.

West elm sucks. Will never shop her again out of principle.

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