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I purchased a $400 "high quality" wool rug from west elm in July, 2012. I have had it in my living room since and I wanted to love it but I hate it.

It will NEVER stop shedding. I don't mean a little bit, or normal shed like other rugs, I mean ALL the time and all over the house. I spent over a hour one day vacuming it over and over to see if I could get it to stop before contacting them. It just continued to fill up the vacum over and over again.

I wrote their customer service twice, attaching pictures of the pile of fibers, full vacum, and the fact that the rug was still shedding. Never got a responce. Called customer service twice and was hung up on after being put on hold- and I could never seem to get a manager. I am now writing their corporate office to see if I can get some kind of resuloution.

If not, I will take it to my lawyer. It's the principle of the matter that when you spend more on a product that is supposed to be high quality and it is worse than the IKEA items, it's not right.

I also purchased a comforter for our bed that cost 169$ and while I love it, I was very disapointed that it's paper thin when I received it. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone-you DO NOT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Monetary Loss: $433.

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I did get in touch with corporate and they sent out a kit to return the item for a refund. They appologized for all of the hang ups and the bad service.

Overall it was a wonderful resolution and I'm happy to say they do stand by their product or your disapointment of it. I won't be buying textiles from them anymore but if I fall in love with furniture or something else in the future I won't hesitate to buy just because of this incedent.


I called and had mine taken back with a store credit after owning for 18 months. West Elm has amazing customer care service


I'm wondering why you don't just try to return it as defective? Getting mad and threatening legal action seems like a last resort, did you try returning it?


My west elm comforter set is terribly thin too. I spent around $300 for the comforter, sheets, pillow cases and with very light use they just don't hold up. Very attractive right off the start though.