I purchased two outdoor (Tillary) sofas from West Elm and just under a year one of them rotted (wooden legs) and the fabric molded, the other one is fine, they both received the same care. When I tried to get a replacement for the defective one I was asked to send photos, give millions of explanations and provide old documentation which was all very time consuming.

I felt like I was undergoing an interrogation by phone.

When I called or emailed for updates on the replacement sofa I got no response, no one had put it in the file and I was repeatedly transferred to another rep who asked me for more or photos, etc. And the process repeated for months until I finally reached a "supervisor" who said that they will not replace it because it's out of warranty (the return process took more than 3 months and LOTS of my time) I am beyond frustrated and will never do business with a company like that...or with its affiliate companies.

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Sofa.

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