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Retailers, like West Elm Store, are more evil that those banks charging exorbitant fees. Congress has noticed the banks. It's time to take a look at retailer practices. I bought five pillows at a West Elm Store. Stupidly, I let the clerk talk me into getting a special card so I'd collect points good for future purchases. It turned out to be their credit card – he wasn't exactly up front. When the credit card bill came I sent off a check and paid in full – on time.
Well, apparently my payment was not received on time. So, the next month I received a bill with only a late fee and interest on the late fee – the late fee was $20. I wrote a note, explained that I did not think I should have to pay this, and thought that was that.
No, no. The bills keep coming – every month. And each month they add another late fee (for $20 bucks) and accumulated interest. I wrote another note. It's up to < $100 bucks now. West Elm Store started harassing me for the late fees immediately. They call seven days a week, starting around 8:30 a.m. The number is usually 303-255-5045 or unknown. An internet search revealed that there are tons of consumer complaints about the harassment associated with this number. They call at least four or five times a day and when I don't answer the phone (duh?) they call my business line. I tried explaining my position to them, got ignored and now just suffer the harassment of the endless calls.
They called Sunday morning at 830. I had my volume off. Keep calling West Elm Store. No one's home to take your call. Oh, and you might want to spend your time going after real delinquent accounts.
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