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Purchasing items from West Elm is like throwing your money into a black hole. You're not sure where your money went and when that realization hits, you're almost not sure how you got into the situation to begin with.

I made a "special order" for a couch almost immediately after I moved into my new apartment and I was already a bit wary of being 8-10 weeks without a couch. Everyone I talked to said it would be "totally worth it" though, so I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal after all. However, about 2 weeks into checking on the delivery status, hoping for a happy surprise (maybe they're such an awesome company that they pushed production forward faster) I came to a horrible discovery that they'd actually pushed the delivery time frame out by another 2 weeks (making it 8-12 weeks before delivery). I was not happy that I wasn't notified and I wasn't expecting the silence with the amount I was spending on this couch. So I contacted customer service and they told me that everything was fine and that on "their end" they're still showing the original delivery time frame. They assured me that I can expect it to come "on time."

I could slap myself for being naive and believing them. I contacted them numerous times on different occasions, pointing out that I continued to observe the delivery time frame being pushed back (12 weeks+). After the 3rd month of conversations that go no where and empty reassurances about my couch arriving on time, I told them I no longer wanted it. I finally made the call to try to cancel my order and *miracle* the representative said she empathized and would go ahead and put a note on my order to cancel it for a full refund. She sent me an e-mail stating that she would call to confirm when the credit was authorized. <--Key word: AUTHORIZED. Four months into the order, I see the charge for the couch I had called to cancel during the 3rd month. I tried to reach out and I received no response. So here I am...writing the review for a couch I never received, was told I'd get a full refund for, yet am still being charged for.

TLDR: Tried to buy a couch, was charged for an imaginary one instead.

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Sofa.

Reason of review: NOTHING. .

West Elm Cons: Misleading, Refund policy, Customer service, Delivery time frame.

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