West Elm used to be one of my favorite stores. However they gouge you with so called white glove service that is anything but above average.

They called me the day before a major holiday to tell me they cannot deliver for two full weeks, or a total of three weeks after I placed the order. When I placed order, the website said they could deliver in the next 5-7 business days. This was critical for me because I was moving out of an old place and into a new place the following month. They were inflexible about the shipping date and said nothing about the error in shipping times.

Granted this is during the holidays, but a good company should not make promises or statements that cannot fulfill. Not only is this bad customer service, but this is also false advertising and hence illegal. Best Buy, on the other hand, was able to ship my appliances within a few days during the holidays (last week) without an extra fee! Macys and Nordstroms are willing to work with the customer to find a date that works.

They will also offer compensation for dissatisfaction and at least pretend to care about their customer's satisfaction. Most companies will offer future discounts or coupons because they appreciate their consumer's loyalty and want satisfied loyal customers. I cannot say the same for West Elm customer service hotline or their third party shipping company. When you call their third party or customer service line, it is NOT the same as calling any other high end (expensive) furniture store.

With the prices at West Elm, they are not cheap. If they charge an arm and a leg for so called white glove service, they should treat the consumer like he or she is valued. Perhaps West Elm changed when they merged with a big conglomerate. I used to love West Elm but now I am not so sure.

Even CostPlus World Market has better customer service.

Save your money and do not waste it on this company unless you buy in store, bring a huge truck to load it up and build the items yourself. Their third party is pretty dumpy and so is the customer service hotline.

Product or Service Mentioned: West Elm Delivery Service.

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Thank you for posting this, I wish I'd read this before ordering a sofa from them. It seems they have a system of intentionally misleading consumers on shipping availability and then making their system so hard that even their customer service people can't help or tell when something will be shipped.

Awful company, would never order furniture again. I've read so many horror stories now I have no idea if I am going to be out $1000 or receive the sofa I ordered that's now mysteriously "backordered."


I totally agree with above review. I have had several very similar issues.

I purchased most of my living room, bedroom, dining and family room furniture, as well as most of my kitchen items and other decorations throughout the house from West Elm. I have the feeling that I should move on to other brands now on which will provide better customer service. West Elm's furniture delivery system has been very inefficient.

The worst part is they don't understand how much the customers suffer because of their inefficiency, and the Customer Service hotline is inadequate as well. I called three times today, and the last person was accommodating of my situation, so I was thankful towards her, but I am not thankful towards West Elm.