Westford, Massachusetts

I have ordered many items online and have yet to see anything even close to this... I ordered 2 duvets and 2 shams for a guest room.

Seems simple enough. I paid for them with my credit card and awaited the package. After about 10 days I became concerned that I had not received my order. I check the tracking number and much to my surprise I found out the items were out of stock.

No notification from West Elm via email or phone - nothing. I called and was told I was one of the unfortunate 3 percent that experience this problem with their inventory online. I expressed my disappointment that I had to figure this out on my own rather than being contacted to let me know they screwed up! I was assigned a customer service rep.

who apologized up and down and assured me she would see the whole thing through and promptly issued me a $40.00 merchandise credit for the screw up. I assumed I was done. Until... I got a phone call last week telling me by some stroke of luck that the items were now suddenly available and they had gone ahead and shipped them and charged my credit card again without my permission!

I contacted West Elm and let them know that I STILL did not want the merchandise and they assured me they would re-route the items back to them at no cost to me. Well, today the package arrived and I was told that I would have to prepare the packages to be returned before I would receive my refund AGAIN! Now remember this is for something I was told was no longer available and that i explicitly told the Rep. I no longer wanted.

This is the most confused group I have every dealt with. I will never purchase anything from West Elm online again. It is hardly worth the this amount of effort and aggrevation. They need to get it together or they simply shouldn't do business online.

Simple as that.

I have never written something like this before but I am so irritated and I would like to help others avoid similar frustration. Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere online!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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