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Have probably spent no less than 4 hours on the phone with west elm, or on hold with west elm, or being transferred within customer service and I cannot understand how a business is run like this. We ordered a couch (Henry L shaped couch) from the store in NYC.

immediately after we ordered it, we called to say we wanted to change our order from a right facing L shape to a left facing L. They told us no problem and the couch would be delivered in a week. A week later we never received shipping confirmation but we DID get a call asking us when they could deliver our RIGHT facing couch...which was not correct. We informed them AGAIN that we changed the order and that we were still awaiting our left facing couch shipping confirmation.

They told us it should be there shortly. A week later we were told that our couch was on the way...they come into our apt...only to deliver the wrong couch. We call customer service with the delivery men STILL in our apartment while customer service tries to sort things out. They said that modifying our original order was wrong, the system didn't take it.

they needed instead to cancel the original order and create a new one. The wrong couch was taken out of our apartment after being on hold/waiting for callbacks from west elm customer service. a day later on my credit card i am now charged for TWO couches. So I have 0 couches in my apartment but I have 2 on my credit card.

That took another hour on the phone with customer service to get the charge removed. We ordered this couch in mid-September we still have no couch. Customer service says "that order number hasn't fed up to me yet so this mean we're out of stock and I'm not sure when it'll be back in stock." um why would they let us buy an out of stock couch, we would've never purchased that. fact of the matter is we bought this couch b/c we wanted it very quickly for our apt b/c we had guests coming into town and now it's the only piece of furniture we're waiting on still.

Currently on permahold again trying to find this lost couch. Seriously I've never dealt with more incompetent people and nobody is embarrassed to say "yeah we have no idea where your couch is or when it'll ever arrive." how is that a good business model?

and where the $*&% is the couch I ordered. I've paid for it...any day now.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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