Wyoming, Michigan
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I ordered 2 sets of sheets during their end of the year sale. I received 1 set, but not the other, but was charged for it.

When I called about it, they said it had been processed and paid for, but never made onto a truck or had even been boxed.I looked at my order information and they processed my payment for the wrong set of sheets. When I told them this, they said they could make a return and I could re-submit my order for the correct set, but now those sheets are $100 instead of $65. They said I would have to pay the $100. because that sale has ended.

VERY dissatisfied! Now I am stuck with a set of sheets that doesn't even match anything I own.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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West elm did the same to us. We ordered a duvet set, but it was backordered for the first week in January.

A week later it was 40 percent off, so I ordered the same set and called to cancel the original order. The rep canceled the wrong order (the new one). So she had to cancel all orders and reorder the set and said we have to pay full price for it (and once it's shipped she can discount us... which seemed odd to me that she couldn't discount it right then seeing as this was her fault).

Well, as she put in the order she said it was backordered until January 13th. Last week it was pushed back until January 20th. Today my mom called and said it was backordered until February 3rd. I feel your frustration with this company.

I'll never spend money in there again.